Above the Sun is an alternative rock band from New York City known for their energetic live performances, enthusiastic fan base, and catchy original songs. They perform in the tradition of the great rock bands of the 1960s and 1970s, combined with the pop punk spirit of the 1990s, creating a timeless sound that resonates with anyone, anywhere.
Having played such renowned venues as the Viper Room, the Well, the Delancey, the Bitter End, and many more in the NYC area and beyond, Above the Sun is no stranger to the spotlight. They believe music is a powerful force that can change the world for the better. They are proof that rock n’ roll is not dead and is here to stay. Their debut EP, entitled Make Music Not Money, is available now on Spotify and all major digital music stores worldwide via Bongo Boy Records!

Keith Barouch, Manager


For bookings and inquiries:
email at barouchkeith@gmail.com
or phone at (347) 753-1292‬

Meet The Band Members

Matthew Paul

Matthew Paul has been the rhythm guitarist and co-lead vocalist of Above the Sun since June 2017. You can call him Matt; if you’ll be his bodyguard, he could be your long lost pal. He cited the Beatles, Bob Dylan, Paul Simon, Van Morrison, and Green Day as his main influences well before your mother was born. If anyone reading this could introduce him to Paul McCartney, Billie Joe Armstrong, and/or Roger Federer, that would be fantastic. Matt will let you win at a video game of your choice, but not until you let him do your calculus homework for you. Songwriters, always remember: the music hooks you and the lyrics hold you.

Shaun Gold

Shaun Gold has been the lead guitarist and co-lead vocalist of Above the Sun since July 2017, and was an original member of the Colt 45’s baseball team in 1962. He is particularly proud of his three Olympic gold medals in thumb wrestling (2 winter, 1 summer) and that time he jumped off a 10-story apartment building and landed perfectly in the center of a thimble. His musical loves include Bob Dylan, Led Zeppelin, Company of Thieves, Chance the Rapper, and new age electronic dance music in medical settings. Shaun’s other original band, Bye Bye Empire, has an EP entitled The Law of Large Numbers coming early 2018. Shaun also plays in the cover band Jukebox Q, who you can hire to play your bris, bar mitzvah, or 71st birthday party.

Omar Chowdhury

Omar Chowdhury has been the bassist of Above the Sun since September 2017. Having graduated from the SUNY Purchase Conservatory of Music, he is a multi-instrumentalist, music producer, and recording/mixing/mastering engineer extraordinaire. The Beatles, Frank Zappa, Stevie Wonder, and Bob Dylan: an incredible combination of party guests, and also Omar’s big musical influences. As the owner and operator of Shinebox Studios, Omar is singlehandedly responsible for reducing the presence of tanning salons on Staten Island as a percentage of total businesses by 0.00001%.

Gary Boardman

Gary Boardman has been the drummer of Above the Sun since June 2017. He went to Stevens Institute of Technology where he did not play in any of the lame bands they had and was called the next Buddy Miles by absolutely no one. The freewheelin’ Gary Boardman is an avid fan of Tim Lincecum, techno, gin, and models, among other things. His musical influences are Keith Moon, babbling brooks, Kings of Leon, the sounds of a searing steak and alliteration. He wants to continue to make beautiful sounds and make you feel free.